Choosing A Career Over Love

Many people in the modern world are more concerned with their careers than ever before, and they often choose to put aside love and relationships while they climb their ladder to success. They believe that limiting their private life will give them more time to pursue their goals, and being involved with another person will slow them down. What many of them do not realize is that they might be passing up a chance to be with a great partner, but they tend to believe they will eventually find the right one at a later date.

Making Sacrifices

History and fiction are full of stories about people making sacrifices to accomplish their goals, but giving up love for a career is not always the stuff of dreams. People who eventually want to settle down and start a family might find they are far past the age where it is feasible before they get where they want to be, and they will find that many of the best mates are already taken. It might appear they have plenty of time to find someone when they are young, but the field narrows down quickly as others choose to combine their career with a mate and family.

The Passing Years

A career often lasts more than four decades, and the passing years take a heavy toll on those who dedicate all their time to working. They see their friends happily married and beginning families while they are still burning the lights in the office, and the rewards often do not justify the means. Rather than living a balanced life, they are seen as one-dimensional. If those above them in their career realize they are making this type of sacrifice, it can eliminate them from going any higher.

An Apparent Relationship

Today’s focus on a balanced life has taught many people climbing the ladder of success that it is best for them to be in a relationship as part of their career focus. They are seen as someone who has the ability to juggle many issues at once, and those who promote in their career field see them as more successful. For those who would rather avoid the trappings of a relationship, keeping VIP on their short list is a good plan. They can hire an acceptable date for career events, but they do not have to take time out to focus on creating a relationship. When traveling in England on business trips, VIP can provide excellent fun dates for events.

Combining the worlds of career and personal relationships has not always been easy, but the focus today is on living a balanced life. Those who sacrifice a future with another person are putting their career in jeopardy, and they might even lose out on opportunities. Employers are beginning to see that those who burn the midnight oil for their work are unable to juggle multiple issues, and they can be passed over for promotion. Skipping the process of finding a good relationship to concentrate on a career is no longer the path to success, so taking the time to find a lifelong companion should be considered part and parcel of a good career.