The Cons Of Office Romance

One place where adults have an opportunity to meet new people is at their place of business, but there are many pitfalls to starting or maintaining an office romance. Gossip is often the bread and butter of any workplace, and those who fail to see how it can affect their career might be in for a rude awakening. If the relationship works out, many modern companies will ask one or both people involved to change positions. There are many relationships that do not work out, and it can cause issues for those who will continue to work with each other. There is plenty to think about when it comes to the danger of office romance, and modern couples should consider it before becoming involved.

The Water Cooler Gossip

Gathering to talk with associates and colleagues at work is something that has probably been done since the first workplace was created. People love to chat about sports, family and social events. When it comes to the water cooler gossip, an office romance can be the hottest topic available. People will speculate on how far the romance has gone already, its chances for success, and they will wonder what will happen if it does not last. Being the subject of gossip at work is not always good, so avoiding it by refusing to date colleagues is for the best.

Dating a Colleague

Few office romances begin with one person pursuing the other for a romantic relationship, and many of them are simply the product of two people working closely together realizing they have a lot in common. Some of them will eschew the romantic aspect to become friends, but those who become involved in an office romance should keep it out of the workplace. Dating a colleague has plenty of pitfalls, and it can be seen as inappropriate. If romance occurs, it is best to maintain a discreet distance at work rather than become the subject of office gossip.

When the Romance Dies

It is sad that not every romance will survive far into the future, but when the romance dies between co-workers it can be even more difficult. Their bad feelings might interfere with their working relationship, and the gossips at the office water cooler might speculate on what will happen to their future with the company. Even if they part ways amicably, their employers will long remember they broke office protocol if their company has a strict policy about employee relationships.

There are many dangers to conducting an office romance, and they should be weighed against the feelings of the two people involved. There are times when people find their perfect lifetime partner at work, so each of them should consider whether or not their career is more important than their personal life. For those who decide to take a chance on love, keeping their relationship out of the office and away from gossips is their best bet for success. If they both want to continue their careers with the same company, they should consider their options for career changes or moving within the company.